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Biocos beauty whitening cream is used for skin whitening and dark sports removal on the skin. The Biocos beauty whitening cream is manufactured by the Biocos International. The Biocos International office is located on the Ferozpur Road Lahore. Biocos International claims that its formula is mercury free and is based on the Australian cream formula.

Biocos Cream is considered to be safest cream for healthy skin the Pakistan. The main features of the Biocos cream are Acne Treatment, Anti-Aging, Anti-Wrinkle, Dark Circles, Lightening, Nourishing, Skin Revitalizer, Sunscreen and skin whitening. Apart from all that features Biocos cream is mostly used as night cream.

Ingredients of Biocos Whitening Beauty Cream

Carnauba Wax: Carnauba Wax is the second name for the Brazil Wax / Palm Wax. Carnauba Wax is used for the treatment of hair removal and smell removal in many other creams and household appliences. Carnauba wax is the non-toxic ingredient of the Biocos Beauty Whitening Cream.

Kojic Acid Dipalmitate: Kojic acid Dipalmitate is the safest acid used in the international whitening creams and approved by the FDA. Kojic acid stops the production of the melanin by stopping the inhibition of tyrosine. It should be added in the whitening creams less than 1% and biocos emergency whitening cream has less than 1% of Kojic acid Dipalmitate as the ingredient. Kojic acid Dipalmitate is known to be much more effective and safe then regular kojic acid.

Bees Wax: Beeswax is known as Cera alba. It is natural wax made my honey bees. Beeswax is known to be safest wax on the planet earth. Beeswax is used in many cosmetic products.

Sunscreen Agent, Emulsifier and Preservative. The names and other properties for these are not known and not disclosed by Biocos international.

Biocos emergency whitening cream review:

Biocos emergency whitening cream works are the nourishing cream as well. According to Biocos International it protects the epidermises skin and doesn’t make it thin. The epidermis skin is the delicate part of your skin and very sensitive. Regardless of other beauty cream Biocos emergency whitening cream has zero side effect on the epidermis skin.

What is Biocos emergency whitening cream triple action?

Biocos emergency whitening cream works as the triple action for skin whitening. As I have mentioned earlier the three major ingredients of the Biocos emergency whitening cream as Kojic acid, bees wax, and carnauba wax. These ingredient make Biocos emergency whitening cream a triple action cream for skin cleansing purposes. Biocos emergency whitening cream stops production of melanin that is known as the skin darkening produced naturally by skin tissues. It is usually found in the epidermis the upper layer of the skin. Biocos emergency whitening cream stop production of melanin and removes extra melanin that is found on the skin. The Wax inside the Biocos emergency whitening cream is act as the skin protector and removes melanin on the skin. By the action of removing melanin Biocos emergency whitening cream is considered safe for use among male and female.


BioCos Cream Review

BioCos Cream Review

Biocos emergency whitening cream effect on Pores

Biocos emergency whitening cream has dilating effect on the pores. It opens pores because of Kojic acid cleansing properties. If you use Biocos emergency whitening cream daily then you will feel the effect of opened pores on your face.


Biocos emergency whitening cream for underarm whitening

Since Biocos emergency whitening cream has properties of removing melanin on your skin, it can be used are underarm whitening cream. Biocos emergency whitening cream is useful for hyperpigmentation on the underarm area. Apply a thin plain surface of Biocos emergency whitening cream after waxing for underarm whitening for two days. You will feel dark discoloration on the underarms.

Biocos emergency whitening cream for Dark Elbows and Knee Whitening

Use Biocos emergency whitening cream thrice a week at night after cleansing elbow and knees with SkinVita cleanser. As skin on the knees and elbows are more elastic and strong. These two properties make them darker than any part of body. So Biocos emergency whitening cream synergistic-ally to achieve the improvement you desire.

Using Biocos Whitening Serum with Biocos Whitening Cream

Biocos International also offers biocos serum to increase whitening effect upto 10 time more than regular Biocos Whitening Cream’s result. Biocos Whitening serum has several indegrients but according to biocos international biocos serum has two major indegridients.

Arbutin: Arbutin is used in many cosmetics products for skin whitening, freckles, moles and remove acne scars completely. Arbutin is the extract from the bearberry plant that reduce melanin and activate skin cells re-growth.

Milk Extract: Milk extract is used in biocos whitening serum for moisturizing purposes.

Vitamin E & B5: Vitamin E and B5 is used for extra nourishing purposes for skin Whitening.

How to Use Biocos Whitening Serum

You can open Biocos Whitening Serum and mix it in any beauty cream.

How to Use Biocos Whitening Serum

How to Use Biocos Whitening Serum

Mix Whole Serum in the One BioCos Whitening Cream

How to Use Biocos Whitening Serum

How to Use Biocos Whitening Serum


Apply the thin layer on your face at night.

Wash you face with normal face-wash or with the BioCos Whitening Soap.

You will get desired results in two weeks if used regularly.

Be careful not to mix the serum with any other beauty cream.

Note: This post is my personal view about BioCos cream and whitening serum. This post is not alternate of any professional advice. Consult with you beautician or skin specialist before using any cream or serum.

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