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Hot Buns is the product that fall in the Hair Accessories and Hair Styling Products category.  Hot Buns is the as seen on TV product. You can find a lot of video reviews about the Hot Buns on as well. Hot Buns is the simple styling solution for every girl that is interested in hair styling. You can create messy hair bun to sleek and thin hair bun by using Hot Buns. All you need to know is how to fold Hot Buns (As seen on TV). The tip here is that start rolling from last quarter of your ponytail.

Hot Buns Packing and Inside Box:

Hot bun usually ships in the box. Hot Bun packing includes two pieces of Roll, Snap Wrap. These hot buns are made with combination of plain net and sponge type mesh. Your Hair will hide the mesh and sponge color. As you can clearly see there is an adjustment strip that will help you to make your bun tighter and secure as well.

The Easy to use accessibility of the Hot Buns As seen on TV is that you can create dozens of hairstyles easily. The Velcro type of support helps hold your hair in place all day.

HotBuns Review

HotBuns Review

Pros of Hot Buns (As seen on TV)

  • Adjustable size is the biggest advantage. It fits from a pony tail to thick big hair.
  • Strong grip lets you hold your style for all day long.
  • Zero Small is the third best feature of the Hot Buns (As seen on TV). As it is made with A grade human safe plastic.
  • Good Price. You can find the Hot Bun at affordable price at
  • You can add additional flowers or other hair decoration items.
  • Very suitable for office or working ladies.

Con’s of Hot Buns (As seen on TV)

  • Not too much user’s friendly for new users, unless you find how to use Hot Buns on Youtube.
  • Rope length can be fuzzy, if you have small hair.
  • You may need bobby pins if you have small hair.
Hotbuns in Pakistan

Hotbuns in Pakistan

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