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Learn All About How To Sell on Kaymu

Now You can Sell On Kaymu and Make Good Profits. Selling online is the new trend in the Pakistani market. Pakistan’s online shopping craze is now at boom stage. There was a time a year or two ago when people hesitate to shop online, later sites like and Kaymu.Pk has gained a good reputation by selling quality and genuine items to its buyers. Kaymu.Pk trusted sellers provided quality products to the buyers and now it is matter of the fact that Kaymu.Pk has become the Pakistani biggest trusted online market. Trusted seller sell on kaymu and earn a lot. Our next upcoming lessons will be about selling online via

I by myself sell on and is my ultimate choice for the products for online selling. No Olx, No FB Shop, No other site only I earn a lot from, When I say a lot the It means amount in six figures. All you need is to learn how to sell on kaymu. I started my Kaymu business in Feb 2016. In the start it was for fun purposes. Now I am full time Kaymu Seller and I am diamond seller on Till now I have earned a lot by selling several products on Here is my detailed online earning revealed.

  • Online Selling On Kaymu.PK                    42%
  • Blogging (Earning via Google AdSense    33%
  • Online Selling on Other Websites:       15%
  • Clickbank with Facebook Marketing        10%

Why I prefer to sell on

Usually any online business like youtube business and blogging require a lot of effort and a long time. Since I am in property business and I don’t have too much time for blogging and YouTube etc. so, I sell on I enjoy my life by spending a lot of time with my family and my property and other online business that are mostly on autopilot. That I will share in the upcoming articles of so all you need is to subscribe to my blog and my YouTube channel that is free so that you don’t miss any useful information from my blog and channel.

I have hired a staff of three person that help me to ease my Kaymu tasks (packing, order confirmation and packaging etc.)

What is my philosophy towards online Business?

This is what I want you to understand. My philosophy towards online business is the very lucrative. I sell products with good profits, takes a good return for the time and the money that I invest. I buy low and sell high the same I do in the Forex. Buying low and selling high with zero stop loss is my Forex currency trading strategy that I will share with you in my next videos and will also guide you that how I take profits from and invest again that make money in Forex and get tripled my money easily in months.


I believe in slow growth. Growth is important for every business. Growth is essential for every online business. Growth Speed Does not matter. The slow growth always gives you success. This money making track will be slow and you will face many bumps in the start but success will be your final destiny.

My Advice for You. “Stay away from two things – Lie and Greed”

What is is the online marketplace with around 15000 sellers and once million approx. buyers (these stats are from one of the account manager’s) so, competition is very low and it is good time to start your online business at if you are passionate about making money online and own profitable products then it is always good time to start your online business.


“If I can do then you can do it too” in a much better way than me. So, let start your real life journey of online selling. You will need a PC and A good Camera and little bit graphics knowledge. Don’t worry I will teach you each and every step here, so subscribe to my blog and YouTube channel.

How to sell on Kaymu.PK

To sell on you have to create a free Kaymu account. That can you simple create by clicking on the create account / register link on or just by clicking here.

Before navigating to my second lecture, I want to show you my Kaymu dashboard. Here you can see that I have fulfilled 1442 orders until now by the end of Feb it will above 1500. I have Zero refund requests. And you can see that I have 4.3/5 Rating by selling genuine products to the customers.

Sell On Kaymu - My Kaymu Dashboard

Sell On Kaymu

The above snapshot is my dashboard account. My wife’s account has 980 fulfilled orders of beauty and cosmetics products.

Our Income in terms of profit is on Kaymu.PK is around 80,000 PKR (Pak Rupees), This all is about that We sell online at by following Kaymu policies, we never lie and stay away from greed.

Why I wrote all this?

I wrote all this only to stay you motivated and to give you inspiration. Especially to our young Pakistani students, brother, sister and ladies who want to stay their online business. Success in selling online requires right product, right brain and right professional attitude that you will obtain by utilizing the brain power gifted by Allah almighty.

I request again that subscribing to this blog and YouTube channel is free. So please subscribe. Thank you for your time.

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