standard Blogger Vs WordPress: Which Blogging Platform is better to Earn Money Online for Pakistani Publishers?

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A Better Blogging Platform:

To create a blog the blogger need to choose a blogging platform for writing, managing, formatting and editing blog posts. Relative to posts the blogging platform should be able to perform some SEO and blog design type of tasks. Now a days two blogging platform are being popular. These two are (Blogger and WordPress).

Blogger vs WordPress:

To use blogger ( you don’t require any special blogging proficiency. You should be able to type an email. The same you write an email and click send in blogger post method is the same. Just type you post and click publish.

Now we study the technical side of blogger and WordPress.

What is WordPress in Urdu?

WordPress is the script system that enables blogger to write on web. You can use WordPress on your domain as well as you can try the (the same service as

What is Blogger.Com ? provides you Up to the minute stats and allows you to Make money with Adsense in Pakistan. The major advantage that I already mentioned in my previous post about blogger is that Google English content in their search database quickly as compared to other blogging platforms or websites.

What is WordPress .ORG and How to setup a WordPress blog ?

Secondly, WordPress.Org allows you download the WordPress script system and let you install on your own domain, so if you are hosting your own domain and are really serious about making money you should go with “Domain Hosted WordPress Blog”. However if you cant afford a domain name or not interested to get a .com thing then you should prefer on



In this Urdu article, I have told and easiest way to decided between blogger and WordPress. In the nest coming lessons you will learn about SEO in Urdu and will get notes about Search Engine Optimization In Urdu.

I wish you all the best for your success in Blogging,

Shahzad Mian


Blogger vs WordPress In Urdu:

SEO In Urdu - Free SEO Training In Urdu

SEO In Urdu - Free SEO Training In Urdu


Blogger vs WordPress In Urdu:


Blogger vs WordPress In Urdu:

Blogger vs WordPress In Urdu:


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    1. Thanks for your valuable comments. i will continue to write in Urdu about technology and especially the blogging tutorials.

      1. how can i earn money online through my website. i’ve not any website yet, but want to make. plz sara method explain ker dain, kiyon k mujhe iss ka koi idea nahin hai aur yeh blogging kya hoti hai.

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