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What is a domain name?

Domain name is the website name to access your website via the hyper text transfer protocol, file transfer protocol and other protocols vice versa. Http (Hyper text transfer protocol is used via web browsers like fire fox, internet explorer.

Search Engine Optimization and Searching a Domain Name:

Being a webmaster your top focus and urgent consideration should be SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in your Domain name. To get a free domain name you may need to choose a web hosting that provide free Domain name with your hosting. This article describes ways to free domain name registration. To get domain name you may contact your web hosting company. In this article I will only teach you, how to find a domain name that is helpful in SEO of your niche blog.

Keyword Research In Finding the best website domain name:

Domain name registration in term of SEO requires that your niche keywords should be part of the domain name, because Search engines prefer those websites in their search database and assign top rank to them. Domain name search includes special keyword research.

Google Keyword Tool External:

  1. For proper keyword research you may use Google’s Official Keyword Tool that provides list of keywords that can be used in the domain name. You should consider these domain registration tips.
  2. The Keywords in your niche should be in search more than 1500 in Google Keyword Tool External.
  3. Please choose domain name that adhere Google Adsense policy.
  4. Choose keywords that are high in competition, so you get ads with Maximum CPC, and searches. Keywords with high searches and low competition are those keywords that don’t provide call to action to the customer and hence have low CPC values.

Choosing a Short Domain Website Name:

Remember your domain name should be short, memorable, and easy to understand.

Don’t Use company names in Your Website Domain Names:

Don’t mess with giants, for example registering a domain name like is not going to give you higher rank than apple ipod download store.

Never focus on the single keyword, please consider the secondary keywords too.

Website Domain Name Generators:

Using domain search websites like and will help you a lot.

In this article in Urdu, you will read tutorial about finding a good domain name for your niche. (Niche is the part of internet market that you are going to blog). Choose your niche wisely. Always go for the keywords that are high in competition and search volume.

Know About CPCs, Cost Per Click

Remember CPCs varies from country to country, choose United States from the country rather than Pakistan, you will see a huge difference in the CPC.


Free Website Domain Name Registration Tips:

Free Website Domain Name Registration Tips

Free Website Domain Name Registration Tips

Get a Free Domain Website Name:

Get a Free Domain Website Name

Get a Free Domain Website Name

Google Keyword Tool External In Urdu:

Google Keyword Tool External In Urdu

Google Keyword Tool External In Urdu

Domain Website Name Generator:

Domain Website Name Generator

Domain Website Name Generator

Website name Ideas:

Website name Ideas

Website name Ideas

Free Website name Ideas:

Free Website name Ideas

Free Website name Ideas

Get Website name Ideas:

Get Website name Ideas

Get Website name Ideas


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