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Our skin, summer season and sun are interrelated to each other. Sunlight has positive as well as negative impact on our skin. Most people believe that taking sun bath will normalize their skin color. Especially in western countries women want their skin color to fair rather than reddish white; for these purposes taking natural sun bath is common there as well as the controlled sun bath in beauty parlors. It is a fact that taking sun bath in early age (around 18 years) will make skin harsh, hard and dry at the age of thirties.


Learn How To Protect Skin From Sun:


  1. Cover your head while going outside to protect yourself from sunlight. It is always better to wear sun glasses to protect your skin especially around your eyes from sun.
  2. Buy the branded sun glasses rather than buying matching fashion glasses. Choose the glasses that are useful to protect your eyes and skin from ultravoilt rays of the sun.
  3. Regulate your daily schedule in summer. Don’t go outside when it is too hot. Be careful while going outside after 10 AM till 4 PM. Stay in your office or at your workplace.
  4. Protect your skin from sunlight at summer on beach, see view or during the fog. Sunlight at beach is more harmful than the same at your lawn. Because water reflect sunlight and the ultra violet rays are more harmful.
  5. Always keep your skin clean from sweat “Passina”. Get  a soft towel with yourself to clear your skin.
  6. Never come out of your air-conditioned room. It will make your skin reddish, allergic or too much sensitive.
  7. Use natural or branded baby oil i.e. Johnson’s only to make your skin soft. Avoid B graded baby oils.
  8. If you have cough and your have taken cough syrup, then don’t come in direct intact with sunlight. It can cause heart palpitation.


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How To Protect Skin From Sun:

How To Protect Skin From Sun

How To Protect Skin From Sun

Skin Care Tips For Summer:

Skin Care Tips For Summer

Skin Care Tips For Summer

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