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Pimples Treatment and Pimples Cure

Pimples are the common issue among girls of every age. Mostly girls with oily skin have pimples on their face. Sometimes pimples on face spread too fast that whole face is filled with pimples. For pimples treatment it is better to understand pimples completely.

Pimples On Face:

According to skin experts, a pimple is a collection oil and dust collected in skin cells (sebaceous gland). The sebaceous glands are tiny skin glands which secrete sebum. Sebum is oily substance – to lubricate the skin and hair of mammals (humans are mammals). A little infection makes the pimples worse. So, the bottom line for pimples treatment you may need to keep your face clean and skin oil free. According to medical experts pimples on face also indicate the problem of stomach i.e. you digestion system is not absorbing the oil properly as it should be. Pimples on face for long time may lead to the personality or physiological disorder. Most of the girls take pimples on face so seriously that they get tensed and this may lead towards the skin lines aka facial lines. Too much pimples on face may also associated with liver abnormalities.

Pimples treatment:

Like most of the beauty problem pimples should be also treated when its cause is properly known. Pimples may be because of

  • Oily skin type
  • Improper function of Liver
  • Gastric problem for long time
  • Stomach problem
  1. Oily skin can be controlled by cleanser and face wash. Ponds face wash and some multinational face wash with oil control will work fine. For medical problems you should see the doctor.
  2. It is very common that when you think a lot and get tensed then you get pimples on your face because the pores produce more oil and extra oil causes pimples.
  3. Never use extra makeup foundation to hide the pimples and blackheads. As the face powder will go inside the pours and collected, resulting in the more heavy pimples.


Pimples Cure:

Keel Mahasay Aur Unka Ilaj

Keel Mahasay Aur Unka Ilaj

Applying alcohol or Medicated Astringent may resolve pimples problem. The best way to cure pimple is to:


Take some amount of cotton dip it to Medicated Astringent (mild one). Apply this Medicated Astringent three to eight times in day and night. The best astringent is the “Avon Clear Skin Backhaed Astringent” you can buy it online from beliscity.


How to remove the pimples:

Removing pimples can be done by a towel dipped with hot water and soak your face until the blackheads comes out.

Pimples Treatment:

Pimples Treatment

Pimples Treatment

Pimples Treatment:

Pimples Treatment

Pimples Treatment



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  1. muje pimple k problem hai me koi treatment nahe karwaya ,our in ka khatma chahta ho so plz teel me me kiya use karu jo yah khatam ho jain,

      1. dear mujhe pimples ke problem hai aur maine medicen bhi bhut le hai liken farq nhn parta to app is ke bare main khuch kar sakte hain ……….

  2. mry face pr 8 mnth sy dane nikly hvy han. bht medicane use ke lakn koe frq ni parta.
    plz mjy is ka koe hal btayan mre im par.

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