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Skin Spots Treatment In Pakistan:

Skin Spots has many types as per their color variation like white spots on skin, red spots on skin, black spots on skin, spots on skin, brown spots on skin, dark spots on skin and these white skins spots. These skin spots may be due to the life style and profession i.e. if some person work on the iron refinery, then he may get black skin spots due to over temperature of his work environment.

 What Causes Skin Spots:

If skin spots are not caused by environment then Some skin spots are due to hormonal changes. TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) should be checked up if skin spots are present with symptom of dry skin.

Smoking and Your Skin:

Smoking makes your skin yellowish and decrease skin cells elasticity. Dry and dehydrated skin, Dull, lifeless color and Prominent lines are common symptoms of the smoker’s skin.


Skin Spots Treatment Options:

Skin spots caused by fragrance use, bleaching creams, smoking, cleansers, antibiotics medicine and any other product that contain sulfur are almost treatable. The skin spots treatment is based on by the cause known for it.

Skin Spots Treatment In Pakistan

Skin Spots Treatment In Pakistan


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  1. mujhe skin disease eczama hai main ne pehle steroid cream use ki aur is k bad doctor se consult kiya kuch medicenes suggest ki lakn koi result nahi mil raha plz anyone can tell me how to cure such disease

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