standard Anger Management Tips in Urdu – Tips to Control Anger In Urdu

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Anger in human is the natural thing. Sometimes our emotions describe our feelings. Our feeling represents our personality. These feelings help us to make friends, inspire our social life and even help us to grow our children.

Anger Management Tips:

Anger management requires special attention and emotions control. Some of us ability to control the anger and some may not. Anger is the result of the feelings. Our feelings drive us. We choose our life partner because of feelings, care and being careless is also because of our feeling.

Anger Management Techniques:

Anger management requires special techniques like drinking water, being calm for seconds. You can fight with your anger just by walking away, doing some exercise or thinking about the things you like in your life.


Control Your Anger:

  • Your actions make your personality so to have a good personality you should control your anger.
  • Don’t worry, your feelings are OK, then why you are being angry.
  • When you feel angry, just be alone.
  • Calm down and count for 10 breaths.
  • When free, write about your anger and write what happened before that made you angry.
  • Show these writings to your love ones and discuss.

In this Urdu article you will learn about to control your anger, anger management in Urdu and how your feelings helps to control your anger.

Tips to Control Anger In Urdu:

Tips to Control Anger In Urdu

Tips to Control Anger In Urdu

Anger Management Tips in Urdu:

Anger Management Tips in Urdu

Anger Management Tips in Urdu


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