standard Health Tips: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment of Blood Pressure In Urdu

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Blood pressure is a common disease among males and females. High blood pressure can be monitored by blood pressure monitor. In my previous article about blood pressure in Urdu. I have shared blood pressure chart in Urdu ranging from normal blood pressure to high blood pressure. Upon reader’s request in this post I have made blood pressure understanding more simple and posted classification of blood pressure. Many readers have sent emails to our chief editor about the blood pressure symptoms. Unfortunately high blood pressure symptoms have no symptoms. In this article I have shared to lower blood pressure and blood pressure treatment in easy way. How to get lower the blood pressure by performing a 2 kilometer walk to get difference of 10-15 point in blood pressure.
In my next article I will be discussing more and more about blood pressure and blood pressure treatment. If you like my posts please share your comments with me.

This article is shared by Dr. Ghulam Hassan (M.B.B.S)


Symptoms, Causes, Of High Blood Pressure in Urdu


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