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The new born babies sleep much then grown up babies. Sleeping like a baby may be dream for us in these ages. The total sleep of a baby should be about9-12 hours daily. A new research in United States proves that babies if folded in cloth may get a deep sleep rather babies sleeping open.

How To Make A Baby Sleep

To make a baby sleep you should lull the baby. Make sure that baby has got milk or food. His/her tummy should be full before he/she sleep.

Secondly, to make a baby sleep you may need to make sure that baby has the proper support at its sides so that he/she feel supportive.


Get a baby to sleep

Here is the article that will guide you how to make a baby sleep and get a baby to sleep in easy way. There are many ways to get a baby to sleep but folding in cloth and lulling it the best way to make a baby sleep at night.


How To Make A Baby Sleep

How To Make A Baby Sleep

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