standard Make Cholesterol Level Low By Understanding Cholesterol and Diet with Cholesterol Level Chart

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Cholesterol is an important lipid in human body. The normal level of cholesterol in human body is < 200Mg. Cholesterol and diet are co related to each other. Cholesterol in foods can be studied in this chart mentioned below. Blood cholesterol level can be regulated via food. Normal cholesterol level is achieved by changing life style and by managing eating habits. Taking healthy and cholesterol diet plays and important role to reduce cholesterol.




In this article I have discussed cholesterol in different foods such as cholesterol in egg etc. When evaluating the risk of heart disease, the ratio of “bad” LDL-cholesterol to “good” HDL-cholesterol is one of the best recognized and verified indicators. I will be coming up with more articles about cholesterol and managing cholesterol levels soon.

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Make Cholesterol Level Low – Tips in Urdu




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