standard Make Cholesterol Levels Normal In Urdu – Cholesterol Diet Tips in Urdu

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High cholesterol is the trigger of heart disease; today I am sharing with you tips in Urdu to maintain healthy HDL cholesterol level. Remember the diet is the key to manage almost every disease. If we use proper diet in our daily life then we can be stay away from many troubles at our age after 40. Proper diet is required to reduce cholesterol and maintain levels for cholesterol. It is always necessary to mange cholesterol and dietary habit to reduce cholesterol in the blood.

Make Cholesterol Levels Normal In Urdu

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  • bohat achay hain

  • plz face beauti k tips aur baten

  • Abdul Rehman

    my triglyceride is 230 kindly advise necessary treatment. thanks.

  • my weight is 78 kgm and height 5feet and 4 inches please give complete diet plan for reduce weight at least 20 kgm thanks

  • fiza ahmed

    agar suger bhi ho to anar ka juice pina chhiye?

    • Anonymous

      Agar trigliceroid 447 or colestrol 223 sugar122 ho to kidly koi achi si diet or tips bata dain Jazak Allah.

  • Rashid Khan

    agree as above and my doctor told me same think ..

  • Qasim Ali

    Meri report may TRIGLYCERIDES 466 hain.
    pleas advice me dite plan

  • Awais

    Sir meri Serum Triglyceries 203 and Serum Cholestrole is 227. Plz. advise how to controle.

  • sir my total cholesterol 5.48mmol/l
    serum hdl-cholesterol 1.20 mmol
    serum ldl- cholesterol 2.79 mmol
    vldl cholesterol 0.90 mmol
    and plasma glucose 6.1 mmol
    and serum triglycerides 1.97 mmol
    kindly tell me is it normal what i do for this

  • Mohammed Rafeeq

    Sir my Fasting Blood Sugar 107
    Cholesterol-Total 209
    Triglycerides 236

    Please advise me how can i reduce.

  • Abid

    Very Good Tips

  • Anonymous

    Aoa, .. sir i’m 38 year old man…i have high depression and anxiety n have a high B.p….. my life is sick.. i’m sick since last 10 years… kindly help me.. i take to much med’s . and i’m not getting well… plz plz HELP ME> thanks u..

    • Anonymous

      Allah Pak Ka naam yaad karo

    • Anonymous

      I hope u pray five times a day. Start exercise (running or walk) at least 30 min a day.

  • Anonymous

    Sir i’m 25 year of old my triglycerides 519 Please Dr.sab tell me how do i down triglycerides i’m too much worried possible help..thanks

  • Anonymous

    sir,aoa,,,iam very depressed about my own triglycerides now is the 1250,and two walls of heart is 94 percent blocked ,my age 48yrs,taking some medicine taking from cardiology multan,drinking the most popular juice of garlic,lemon,apple cedar,lahsun,but unfortunatly my triglycerides no lowering 1250,pl help what i can do…….how i can reduce tg……thanks

    • The Shahzad

      Juices will not work at the age of 48, Get yourself checked up by some professional medical consultant.