standard Make Cholesterol Levels Normal In Urdu – Cholesterol Diet Tips in Urdu


High cholesterol is the trigger of heart disease; today I am sharing with you tips in Urdu to maintain healthy HDL cholesterol level. Remember the diet is the key to manage almost every disease. If we use proper diet in our daily life then we can be stay away from many troubles at our age after 40. Proper diet is required to reduce cholesterol and maintain levels for cholesterol. It is always necessary to mange cholesterol and dietary habit to reduce cholesterol in the blood.

Make Cholesterol Levels Normal In Urdu



  1. sir my total cholesterol 5.48mmol/l
    serum hdl-cholesterol 1.20 mmol
    serum ldl- cholesterol 2.79 mmol
    vldl cholesterol 0.90 mmol
    and plasma glucose 6.1 mmol
    and serum triglycerides 1.97 mmol
    kindly tell me is it normal what i do for this

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