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Spices Names In Urdu


Recipes are all around us, being a home lady we need to deal with recipes in our daily life. Most of the recipes are in English and we need to learn spices names in English and Urdu both. Here is the handy guide about spices names in English and spices names in English for your easiness. You can learn these names, means in Urdu English or can print it out and put it in your kitchen drawer’s recipes corner.


 Spices Names from English to Urdu



Botanical Name

Name in Urdu


Citric acid Name In Urdu Nimboo Name in English Acid
Caraway Seeds Name In Urdu Shajeer or Black Cumin Seeds Spices
Aloe Name In Urdu Aloevera Kuar Gandhal Name in English Essence
Asafoetida Name In Urdu Hing Name in English Spices
Thymol Name In Urdu Ajwain ke phool Spice
Basil Name In Urdu Tulsi Name in English Herb
Bay leaf Name In Urdu Tejpan Name in English Herb
Bengal gram Name In Urdu Cicer arietinum Chana Name in English Dal
Hemp Name In Urdu Bhang Name in English essence
Indian gooseberry Name In Urdu Emblica officinalis Amla Name in English
Bhat Name In Urdu Glycine max merr Soyabean Name in English
Black pepper Name In Urdu Kali mirch Name in English Spices
Black salt Name In Urdu Kala namak Name in English Masala
Catechu Name In Urdu Katha Name in English Bark ground
Capsicum Cardamom Name In Urdu Ilaichi Name in English Spices
Cinnamon Name In Urdu Dalchini Name in English Spices
Oregano, Thyme/ Carom seeds Name In Urdu Ajwain Name in English Spices
Snakegourd Name In Urdu Chichonda Name in English
Beetroot Name In Urdu Beta vulgaris Chacundar Name in English
Clove Name In Urdu Lavang Name in English Spices
Cottonseed Name In Urdu Kapas Name in English oil
Coconut Oil Name In Urdu Khopre /Narial Ka Tel Name in English Oil
Pulse Name In Urdu Toordal Name in English Dal
Chestnut Name In Urdu Chota akhrot Name in English Nuts
Cudpahnut Name In Urdu Chironji, piyala, Charoli Name in English Nuts
Filbertnut Name In Urdu Chalguza Name in English Nuts
Coconut Name In Urdu Cocos lucifera Narial Name in English Nut
Curry leaves Name In Urdu Kadipatha Name in English Herb
Dried Mango powder Name In Urdu Amchoor Name in English Masala
Drumstick  Name In Urdu Moringa oleifera muranka Name in English
Dry fenugreek leaves Name In Urdu Kasoori methi Name in English Herb
Castor Name In Urdu Erandi Name in English oil
Flaked, Beaten rice Name In Urdu Poha, Chiwda Name in English Rice Family
Flour Name In Urdu Atta Name in English Flour
Sugarcane Name In Urdu Saccharum officinarum Ganna, Ooos Name in English Stem
Garlic Name In Urdu Allium sativum Lasan Name in English Spices
Calabash cucumber Name In Urdu Ghia turai Name in English
Ginger Name In Urdu Zinziber officinalse Soonth, Adrak Name in English Spices
Gram dal Name In Urdu Cicer arietinum Chana dal Name in English Dal
Gram flour Name In Urdu Besan Name in English Flour
Green cardomom Name In Urdu Chhoti ilaichi Name in English Spices
Groundnut Oil Name In Urdu Singdana / Kalekai Tel Name in English Oil
Star gooseberry Name In Urdu Harfi Name in English
Horse gram Name In Urdu Kulthi Name in English Grams and dals
Honey Name In Urdu Shahad Name in English Liquid
Barley Name In Urdu Hordeum vulgars Jao Name in English millet
Jaggery, Molasses Name In Urdu Gud Name in English Basic Kitchen Item
Jowar Name In Urdu Sorghum Name in English millet
Broad Beans Name In Urdu Kali seim ki Phalli Name in English
Safflower Name In Urdu Kardi,kusumbar Name in English oil
Italian millet Name In Urdu Kangani Name in English millet
Sinapis Name In Urdu Kali rai Name in English spice
Screwpine Name In Urdu Kewra Name in English essence
Yellow Lentil Name In Urdu Masoor dal Name in English Dal
Mace Name In Urdu Javitri Name in English Masala
Margosa Name In Urdu Neem Name in English Herb
Mint Name In Urdu Minthe spicata Pudina Name in English Herb
Mustard Oil Name In Urdu Sarson Ka Tel Name in English Oil
Myrtle Name In Urdu Henna Name in English Herb
Eucalyptus Name In Urdu Nilgiri Name in English oil
Nutmeg Name In Urdu Jaiphal Name in English Spice
Oil Name In Urdu Tel Name in English Fat
Olive Oil Name In Urdu Zetoon Name in English Oil
Betel leaves, piper Name In Urdu Paan Name in English Leaf
Parsley Name In Urdu Ajmoda, ajmud Name in English Spices
Plain flour Name In Urdu
Flour Refines Name In Urdu
Maida Name in English Flour
Puffed Rice Name In Urdu Mumurae Name in English Rice Family
Elucine coracana Name In Urdu Ragi, nachni Name in English Millet
Red chilli Name In Urdu Lal mirch Name in English Spices
Rice Name In Urdu Orya sativa Chawal Name in English Rice Family
Rose Name In Urdu Gulab Name in English Flower
Rose Water Name In Urdu Gulab Jal Name in English Essence
Star anise Name In Urdu Dagad Phool Name in English Spice
Saffron Name In Urdu Kesar Name in English Spices
Sunflower Name In Urdu Helianthus annus Surajmukhi Name in English Oil
Salt Name In Urdu Namak Name in English Basic Kitchen Item
Screwpine Name In Urdu Kewra Name in English Essence
Semolina Sooji, Rava Name in English Flour
Silver Leaves Name In Urdu Varak Name in English Herb
Split green gram Name In Urdu Phaseolus aureus Moong dal Name in English Dal
Split black gram Name In Urdu Phasleolus mungo Urad dal Name in English Dal
Sugar Name In Urdu Cheeni Name in English Basic Kitchen Item
Swordbeans Name In Urdu Talwarphalli Name in English
Tamarind Name In Urdu Imli Name in English Basic Kitchen Item
Turmeric Name In Urdu Haldi Name in English Spices
Vegetable oil Name In Urdu Vanaspati Name in English Fat
Vinegar Name In Urdu Sirka Name in English Liquid
Wheat Name In Urdu Triticum sativum Gandam Name in English
Whole Wheat flour Name In Urdu Gehu atta Name in English Flour
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    Kindly let me know what Oregano is called in Urdu,I have been informed that it is not Ajwan then what is it in Urdu, also let me know where in Karachi Oregano Oil can be bought.