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Today I am again with some of the greatest tips that will help you to manage your kitchen needs and other daily life tasks.

How to Open Canned Food:

The best way to open the canned food boxes is to open these with can cutter. if you planning to open it with cutter or knife then the best way to pick up the remaining tan is to fold it with magnet. In this way your fingers will remain safe.

Meat Chopper often has problem of meat remained in it. To take out remaining meat, you can use the “roti” and then use machine for some seconds. All the chopped meet will come out of the meat chopper.

Make vegetables more delicious:

Adding a little amount of milk powder will make vegetables “salan” more delicious.

Make your kids happy during the lunch:

Adding some deep frozen grapes in the kid’s lunch box then lunch will remain fresh and grapes will be soft until lunch time.

Open Akhroat In English:

The best way to open “Akhroat” is to put it in plastic bag, then break it to open it. In this way you can see the “Akhroot” and you can easily distinguish between akhroot and its Khool.

Keep you pressure cooker clean:

Pressure cooker is the product that is the commonly used in cooking. The base of pressure cooker often get rusty due to continous use. To keep pressure cooker clean add lemon or “Imili” along with cooking water in it. In this way you get your pressure cooker always clean and no rust will be applied.

How to clean broken glass:

Broken glass always leave small amount of pieces on the floor. Most of the time it is hard to pick these small pieces. To pick all the small pieces of broken glass you can use wet floor “Gondha howa Ata” and pick the all pieces of broken glasses.


To clean Stainless steel Pots:

The easy way to clean the stainless steel pots is to put them along with washing powder and “Klite, or “Harpic” Bleech, for 10 minutes then wash them with warm water, shine the stainless steel pots by giving a hard rub with cotton cloth.

Frying Pan and Cooking Oil:

While cooking eggs or anything in frying pan the cooking oil often get distributed. To avoid this you can use aluminum foil with small holes in it. In this way heat will be absorbed to the food for maximum cooking and you will not get cooking oil distributed.

How to Freeze Meat for long time:

To freeze meet for long time you can take cloth, wrap it around meat then put it in refrigerator. In this way you can freeze meat for long time.

Get Rid of Ants:

To get Rid of Ants take white wheat floor, spread it evenly in kitchen.

I will be with you soon with more Desi Tips for daily life improvement and make your life easier.


Gharelo Totkay in Urdu:

Gharelo Totkay

Gharelo Totkay


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