standard Cover Letter For The Job Of Chief Chemist

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The General Manager,


Re: Post of a Chief Chemist

I have come to know through a reliable source that you are in need of a competent person as Chief Chemist for your Pharmaceutical Works and I, looking to my qualifications and As regards my qualifications, I hereby state that I passed my M. Pharmacy Examination from the Punjab University jetting First Class First in 20.. (Write Year)

My academic career speaks volumes for my competence as I procured more than 75% marks in every examination from Matriculation upto M. Pharmacy.


As regards my experience, I would like to inform you that I worked as Chemist with Messrs. Shiagan Pharmaceutical Works, Punjab for a period of seven years to the entire satisfaction of my superiors and contributed my note to accelerate the pace of production of medicines and further¬more I helped in their export to the foreign countries.

With a rich and varied Pharmaceutical experience, approach your good self to very kindly absorb me against the post of a Chief Chemist in your firm.

A young man of 40 years as I am at present, I still possess enough energy to handle such responsible jobs.

I hope and trust that you will favourably consider my case.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

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