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Desi Tips for Everyone:

A warm heater lemon may provide you more juice than a cold one. Put lemons in the warm water before squeezing. You will be amazed with the juice amount.

Some proven kitchen tip for ladies:


  • Adding a little amount of salt during the grinding the peppers will make grinding the pepper easy and you will also get rid of itching caused by find dust of peppers.
  • Carrot and Radish are common kitchen use item, if they become fusty, you can dip them in the water and put them in refrigerator then they will become fresh as new.
  • Cutting Onion is the time taking process and creates itching in eyes, if they are deep free zed then a lot of time can be saved.
  • Ants are very common in Asian kitchen, the leave of Radish (Muli) keep ants away.
  • Oven is often get black, you can easily clean them by salt dipped cotton cloth.
  • If you use some cleansing liquid to clean the floor, then you can add some drops of the kerosene oil will increase the shine of floor and you will also get rid of ants.
  • Kitchen dish washing place’s tap gets sloppy with the cooking oil from dishes being washed, if you put some normal rubber band on the tap’s opening scroll you will get rid of these slips.

Health Tip:

Honey bee bite is often painful, get a slice of onion, press it to get it juice apply it to that place on you skin rub it. You will get the relief in pain and this is best antidote for honey bee bite.

Cake cutting Tips for easy Cake Cutting:

Don’t cut cake with the knife or cake slice pot, use simple thread to cut the cake, you can cut cake in any shape by using thread and without wasting any cake pieces.

Keep Salad Fresh:

To keep salad leaves fresh always use “vinegar” apply some drops of vinegar to make salad fresh.


How to Shine Stainless Steel:

To shine your stainless steel pots, such as glasses, plates wash and rub them with English Toothpaste. You will get amazing shinny Stainless steel pots.

Electricity load shedding is very common in Pakistan, Hence “Moombati” is commonly used now a days here are some common tips to use “Moombati”

To stop Moombati drops, either put them in freezer for some seconds or dip Moombati in salty water, you will get Moombati drops and there is no chance of getting yourself burned.
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Tips In Urdu:

Desi Pakistani Tips

Desi Pakistani Tips


Urdu Tips:

Desi Urdu Tips

Desi Urdu Tips


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