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This first step to rank your videos on the Youtube is to analyze the keywords. Especially look for the keywords that people are searching for. Do not use any keyword tool since everyone is using it you are going to use these keywords and been part of same. After reading all this you will be able to Rank YouTube Video on First Page of Google in Minutes.

Identify the Good and Bad Keywords

The good keywords are those keywords that are focused on the buyer mentality and we use them in ranking our videos on YouTube and then earn money via the affiliate links. The bad keywords are those keywords that are not as per buyer’s mentality.

Example of Good Keywords:

How to, Get Rid of, Cure, Truth about “some product”, “Name of Product” Review etc are good examples of the emergency keywords. These are the keywords that mostly those people search that are in hurry to buy or get solution of the problem.

Example of Bad Keywords:

Way to, Learn the best way to, training, tutorial about, and Free are the good examples of bad keywords that you should not use in the Video Tags.

How To Rank Youtube Videos On Google My 300 Formula

  1. Always go for the keywords that have only 300 searches per month.
  2. My secret formula is to go for the keywords that have less than 300 keywords results in Google search results.

Top Keyword Tools for Keyword Research

I mostly use the keyword tool Jaxxy for the keyword research. You can have a look on it. Secondly it allows you to get 30 exact keyword searches per email so you can create a one here.

  1. Here is the free keywords search page
  2. Browser Plugins for Spying on Videos Competition
  3. ViDIQ for Google Chrome
  4. Vidneos for dominate YouTube with high ranking. This is my favorite tool and this tool is recommended by yril ‘JEET’ Gupta Founder of Traffic Jeet, Video Jeet & Email Jeet.
  5. You can also try the Moz Keywords Tool and SEMRUSH for finding the keywords with commercial intent. You can check the advertiser competition about the keyword in the Google Keyword Tool.

Rank YouTube Video On First Page Of Google In Minutes

To rank YouTube video on first page of Google in minutes you need to have a list of keywords. At least 3 list of keywords for the use with videos in tags and description.

What Are Basic Keywords ?

The keywords that we use for the ranking will be basic keywords and there will be easy to rank keywords. So how we will generate the basic keywords to filter from other keyword tools like SEMrush and other keyword tools.

  1. We will think about all the possible keywords that human can think and type.
  2. We will visit Question and answers website like Yahoo Answers to generate keywords.
  3. Google Search Engine Autocomplete and Auto Suggest
  4. YouTube Autocomplete and Auto Suggest

What Video Ranking Depends On?

Video ranking on YouTube depends on the YouTube algorithms. The special Youtube algorithm detects matching keywords and tags to list your videos in the query.

Very Important:

Now on the second step YouTube algorithm detects human clicks. The click that we make on every video is noted by YouTube. Since YouTube algorithm seriously depends on the human activities so it is very important to have Good quality thumbnails and effective keywords and titles on your YouTube video that you are going to rank first on the YouTube.

When you write the title of your YouTube video please write keyword twice or thrice in your video your Youtube video. YES! Three in Title times with several variations. You need to add variation in title by several ways by adding questions or some other supportive text to your YouTube video that you want to rank on the top.

I Wish you all the best, see you in next article of Ranking YouTube Video on the Top First Page

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